Friday, October 19, 2012

Fiona Apple, NYC, October 16

Fiona Apple
Terminal 5
October 16, 2012

On Tuesday night I saw something truly amazing and inspiring. I saw a woman I unafraid to perform her personal, emotional, incredible art in all seriousness and earnestness, baring her passion and soul. She captivated every person in that room for so many reasons. The beauty of her voice, the depth of her lyrics, her talented band, her enchanting melodies, but over and above all of that we were attracted to her willingness to share her raw emotions with us. That's what we've always been attracted to in Fiona Apple and it's what keeps us coming back. There she is up there, that deep strong voice coming out of that tiny little body. This tiny woman with no man that we know of up there to vouch for her- no husband, no famous father to soften the knife of emotion she pierces herself and all of us with. And that's why she's so amazing. That's why her fans will fight her label for her, and keep coming back whenever she puts out a new album, no matter how long it takes in between. Because she's the real thing. She’s not hiding behind a facade of irony or cool; she’s not holding anyone’s hand. She’s real, raw, delicate, powerful. Everything I want to be in my own art. Everything I'm too scared to be. But I have no excuse, seeing her up there, writhing and shrieking and shaking and belting out these serious, real words that meant so much to all of us. I don't even have to perform; I can do my thing from the peace and anonymity of my own home and I'm still too scared to say the kinds of things she says, to own it the way she owns it. Fiona- I don't deserve you. 

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