Saturday, March 9, 2013

Travel Reading

Hello! It's a sunny day here in New York City, but it hasn't been that way much lately. It's that time of year when we all get really tired of winter, and start daydreaming about the easy days of summer: flowy dresses, flip flops, rum cocktails, walking in hot sand... Like many of you, no doubt, I don't plan to wait for June to enjoy such luxuries. To get our fix quicker, my husband and I are going to Negril, Jamaica at the end of March. I've never been to Jamaica, and I can't wait to go swimming (look at that water!!) and soak up some sun.

As I've been told that Jamaica, while incredibly beautiful, is perhaps not the safest place on Earth, I don't plan to bring any electronics to entertain me. (I hate the way they heat up in the sun, anyway). So, it will be old fashioned books all the way. (I'm making silly excuses; it's pretty much always old-fashioned books for me.) So, I need to know what to read! When I travel, I like to read things about the country I'm in, or that seem related to the environment in some way. I'd love to hear suggestions for the right thing to read in Jamaica. I've recently watched the documentary, Life and Debt, about how the IMF and the Worldbank have, to put it delicately, screwed Jamaica over, so I have a teensy bit of knowledge about the country's history, but I'd love to know more. Also, as I tend to gravitate to the heavy, philosophical stuff, additional recommendations for light-hearted beach reads would also be appreciated.

I hope you have a spring fling planned yourself! Let me know if you need book recommendations!


  1. I am finally reading Lolita... & liking it, but I need some book recommendations too for Mexico! :)

  2. I recommend The Whole World Over by Julia Glass. Also, Disorder, a collection of stories by Dan Deweese. Oh! and Fun Home, by Alison Bechdel. Have fun in Mexico!